Increasing visibility on the shelf – Unilever

Consumer goods company Unilever owns more than 1,000 brands and makes and sells products that are used by 2.5 billion people worldwide every day. The global company wanted to obtain objective data about how customers observed their products among competitors on the shelf in the store environment. 

Unilever consulted Tobii Pro Insight, and now applies eye tracking as a research method to conduct shopper studies at its Customer Insight and Innovation Center. Attention data that is collected with wearable eye trackers allows Unilever to see exactly what their customers see and helps them determine how to effectively design their products and packaging to make the biggest visual impact on the shelf.  

Watch this video to learn how Unilever uses eye tracking to improve their products and packaging.

"What do my products look like on a shelf to the consumer? To answer this question, we use a lot of eye tracking. It gives you the right insight to adjust your package design or to convince your customers. Eye tracking is part of our DNA."

Jeroen van der Kallen, Customer Insight and Innovation Manager Europe, Unilever