Tobii Pro Glasses 3

Tobii Pro Glasses 3

The technology you need to get the insights you want.

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Tobii Pro Glasses 3 is designed to provide the most accurate and reliable insights into human behavior in any real-world environment. Your ambition and curiosity define the boundaries.

Let us inspire you with just a few possible applications.

Person distracted while driving a car

Increase the validity of human behavior research

Human behavior and decision-making are strongly linked to how we perceive, evaluate, and understand our environment. Tobii Pro Glasses 3 has the capacity to provide objective measurements of attentional processing and cognitive workload in places where critical decisions are made while maintaining natural behavior. If you are looking to improve safety or ergonomics, this unique technology helps you obtain unparalleled eye tracking data quality in real-world or simulated settings. These factors allow you to increase the ecological validity of your experiments and take your research further.


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Woman standing in front of shops looking at her mobile phone.

Make shopper research easier

The path-to-purchase for consumers is becoming increasingly wide and complex, so businesses must expand the scope of their shopper research to keep pace. The improved ease-of-use and discrete design of Tobii Pro Glasses 3 reduces the barriers for running studies in any setting that facilitates buying, even outside on a mobile phone or in a mall. Our new wearable eye tracker delivers data from a larger field of view so you get more insight on which to base your decisions and optimize your business.

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Person working on the floor of an industrial plant

Increase businesses productivity

People play a key role in operational and business-critical tasks. By seeing your operations through the eyes of workers, you can uncover patterns of performance which can help you improve productivity and efficiency. Eye tracking helps you harness the knowledge of your best performing staff and transfer this knowledge into standardized processes and onboarding material. Fitting well under helmets and equipped with safety lenses, Tobii Pro Glasses 3 can be easily used by your workers without disrupting their natural behavior.

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Tobii Pro Glasses 3 side view

The next generation of Tobii Pro Glasses

Tobii Pro Glasses 3 allows you to take your research further. Capture natural human behavior where and how it occurs in the real world without worrying about the elements. Make decisions or discoveries that are valuable to your field with confidence thanks to some of the most accurate and robust eye tracking technology available.

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