Tobii Pro Sprint – Discontinued

Tobii Pro Sprint is a web-based user-testing platform that combines eye tracking and screen-sharing. The eye tracking in Pro Sprint is powered by any Tobii Pro eye tracker that is connected via USB.

This software as a service is discontinued. You may still access related documentations below. Existing licenses will only continue to work until 28.02.2021.


Alternatives for user-testing with eye tracking

Our web-based user-testing platform Tobii Pro Sprint has been discontinued. For UX Research with eye tracking we now offer even more capable solutions, depending on your research needs.

If you want to see real world user behavior and explore the visual journey using gaze recordings and interviews, we recommend our solution for observing user experience.

For understanding elements of the user interaction on a deeper level, comparing metrics and easily interpreting larger volumes of data, we recommend our solutions for optimizing the user experience.

For quantitative testing of digital assets like ads, videos or website designs, our service Sticky by Tobii Pro provides insights based on advanced webcam eye tracking technology.

Please contact your local consultant to find out which solution is best for your needs.

Learn and support

Customer support is provided via Intercom within the Pro Sprint application until 28.02.2021. You can also access learning articles, FAQ and tips via our Learn Center.

Pro Sprint Learn Center

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