Tobii Pro Lab and E-Prime integration overview

Tobii Pro Lab E-Prime Extensions Screen Based Eye Trackers

Get an overview of the experiment workflow when using Pro Lab external presenter with E-Prime.

The Pro Lab integration with E-Prime® 3 and the E-Prime® Extensions for Tobii Pro 3.2 allows you to design eye tracking experiments where E-Prime is used as the stimulus presenter and Pro Lab as the recording and data analyses software. This setup is a good solution for users that need E-Prime’s experiment design flexibility and experimental components that are not present in Pro Lab, such as gaze contingency, scripting or conditional experiment workflow based on gaze or manual responses.

How does it work?

Create or modify existing E-Prime experiments, then add the E-Prime Extensions for Tobii Pro devices and routines to allow E-Prime to communicate and interact with the eye tracker and Pro Lab. When you run your E-Prime stimulus presentation session, E-Prime manages the participant calibration and sends instructions to Pro Lab to start and stop a recording, transferring simultaneously the relevant experiment design information to Pro Lab. This information includes:

  • Stimuli onset times.
  • Images and videos rendered during each trial (stimuli media).
  • Areas of interest (AOI) and AOI tag information associated with the stimuli media.
  • Participant response events.
  • Custom generate events.

Pro Lab stores the eye tracking data and the information transferred from E-Prime, then uses it to further pre-process the data, create eye tracking visualizations and calculate AOI based eye movement measures. 

Steps 1-9: Start by implementing eye tracker and Pro Lab support to an existing E-Prime experiment. 

Steps 10-15: Connect the eye tracker with the software and perform recordings.

Steps 16-20: Process your data in Pro Lab for further analysis and inferential statistics.