Tobii Pro Glasses 2 usage overview

Tobii Pro Glasses 2 Tutorial

Learn the basics of how to prepare Tobii Pro Glasses 2 for usage and how to use them in a study.

The Tobii Pro Glasses 2 eye tracking system is designed to be used for research purposes with adult participants and it includes the lightweight Tobii Glasses Head Unit, a wearable battery powered Recording Unit and Pro Glasses Controller running on a Window tablet or a Windows 7 computer. The Recording Unit is connected to the Head Unit via an HDMI cable. The Recording Unit holds the battery and stores all the recorded data collected on an SD memory card.

To record eye tracking data, the Glasses Head Unit must be fitted onto the test participant’s head (similar to a standard pair of glasses). It is a highly sophisticated measuring device and consists of several sensitive sensors, cameras and microphones and must be cared for as instructed for it to work properly. The system must also be calibrated separately for each participant. In the calibration process the test participant is asked to look at a Calibration Card held in-front of the participant for a few seconds. The researcher then starts the recording from Pro Glasses Controller running on a Windows tablet or computer. 

After the session, the researcher stops the recording via the Pro Glasses Controller and removes the head unit from the test participant. All interactions with the eye tracker (adding participants to test, initiating calibration, starting/stopping recordings etc.) are done through Pro Glasses Controller software. The software also enables the researcher to view the eye tracking session both in realtime (streamed through a wireless or wired connection) and after the recording. When viewing a recording, the participant’s gaze point appears as a colored dot on the scene camera video from the HD camera integrated in the Tobii Glasses 2 Head Unit. For any eye tracking analysis beyond looking at the eye tracking replay (as described above), recorded data must be transferred to a computer running Tobii Pro Lab (by moving the SD memory card). 


Charge all batteries and prepare all memory cards you intend to use. Insert an empty memory card and a fully charged battery in Recording Unit. Make sure you bring all necessary parts and components and make sure they are packaged and transported with care. We recommend making a test recording at the start of a new data collection day.

Data collection workflow

  1. Clean the Head Unit by using the supplied microfiber cloth if it is not clean. Make sure to clean all optical parts such as the eye tracking sensors, lenses and IR illuminators for best performance.
  2. Turn the Recording Unit and Tablet on. 
  3. Start Pro Glasses Controller on the Tablet or computer.
  4. Open an existing study or create a new.
  5. Connect the Recording Unit and tablet/computer (via Ethernet cable or WLAN). 
  6. Fit the Glasses onto the participant. 
  7. Start a new recording by using an existing participant name or by creating a new one. This process includes calibrating the participant and verifying the accuracy though the Live Viewer before starting the actual recording.
  8. If connected by Ethernet cable, disconnect the cable after the start of the recording if it is necessary for the participant to walk around freely.
  9. Ask the participant to perform the tasks.
  10. When the data collection is complete, connect the Recording Unit to the tablet if it has been disconnected. 
  11. Stop the recording on the Pro Glasses Controller dashboard or through the Live Viewer. 
  12. Check recorded data by replaying the video from the Recording List.
  13. Turn off the Recording Unit. 
  14. To perform any analysis beyond simple replay of a recording, you need to import your recordings stored on the SD memory card into Pro Lab.

Video tutorial