“I’ve learned a lot from using eye tracking… I think that you can see what they’re going to do before they do it, you can almost see into the future based on how they’re using their eyes.”

Josh Wise, Athletic Trainer

In 2018, the closest ever finish in NASCAR national touring series history delivered a margin of 0.000. You might call it a draw, but the winner was ultimately decided by a photo proving the slightest advantage at the finish line.

Technology has played an enormous role in the development of training techniques and equipment, and Tobii Pro Glasses 2 are among the tools used by professional sports teams to improve their performance.

Chip Ganassi Racing, a professional racecar outfit, uses eye tracking to examine and improve crucial skills.

Nascar pit crew using eye tracking for training

“Our success is dictated by tenths of a second…if it [eye tracking] helps us pick up a tenth it’s worth it.”

Sean Pete, Pit Crew Coach

The role of eye tracking data in improving performance

The eyes provide valuable insight into the cognitive processes of both drivers and pit crew members, allowing trainers to see how they visually and mentally process various elements of their performance. With this information it's possible to identify techniques which are beneficial for improving speed or accuracy. As the technology allows this data to be recorded, it can also be used to more effectively illustrate and explain these methods to members of the team and monitor improvements. No other method can accurately measure visual attention and give evidence of subconscious actions. As virtually all competitive sports occur in high stress, fast-paced environments, eye tracking data can provide coaches and trainers with access to elements of player's behaviors that would otherwise not be able to be observed.

Eye tracking has been used within a range of sports, industrial sectors, and other professions to study and improve skills. If you would like to learn more, please check out our Sports Performance and Research or Professional Performance page.

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