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Google eye tracking study - TV and YouTube ads

<p><span>시선추적</span><span>기능으로</span><span>가장</span><span>효과적인</span><span>광고</span><span>유형을</span><span>알</span><span>수</span><span>있습니다</span><span lang="EN-US">. - </span><span>토비</span><span>프로</span><span>인사이트</span><span lang="EN-US">(<a href="/link/0b52f6b27e5145bf868ed9b9ef0f2a64.aspx" target="_blank">Tobii Pro Insight</a>)</span><span>의</span><span lang="EN-US"> Google </span><span>사례</span><span>연구</span></p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

VR study of human behavior

<p>Dr Tim Holmes explores the use of eye tracking within VR to measure and assess human behavior and interaction.</p>

A Newcomer’s Perspective: Eye Tracking for Packaging Research

<p>Running your first eye tracking study is an exciting research milestone. We spoke with Nicole Fink of King&rsquo;s Hawaiian in Los Angeles, CA about their first eye tracking study on consumer attention to new and existing package designs.</p>

표준화된 작업을 개선할 수 있는 방법

<p>제조 전문가인 Russell Watkins는 매뉴얼을 최적화하기 위해 시선추적을 사용하는 방법에 대해 설명합니다</p>

가라테 훈련을 위한 시선추적

<p>이몰라 스제베니 감독은 심판과 선수를 훈련시키기 위해 시선추적을 사용하였습니다.</p>

Overcoming the WEIRD bias in behavioral science using Tobii Pro eye tracking

<p>How to take research out of the WEIRD and into the (real) world</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

시선을 통해 새로운 직원을 교육하는 방법

<p>많은 제조업체들이 현재 직원들의 실력 격차를 줄이고 새로운 기술에 적응해야 하는 과제를 안고 있지만, 이러한 문제에 대한 해결책은 보이지 않을 수 있습니다.</p>

소비자 행동 조사의 중요성

<div id="targetEditArea" class="edit_area___2iv-G"> <div class="edit_box___1KtZ3 active___3VPGL font_step2___3vt9-">&nbsp;</div> <div id="txtTarget" class="edit_box___1KtZ3 active___3VPGL font_step2___3vt9-">이 블로그는 소비자 행동에 대한 이해와 올바른 행동 연구의 중요성에 대해 탐구합니다.&nbsp;</div> </div> <div class="btn_honorific___1YeMI active___3VPGL">&nbsp;</div>

Retrospective Think-Aloud

<p>Mike Bartels explains how the retrospective think-aloud interview and eye tracking can help you overcome some of the limitations attached to qualitative research methods.</p>

How to Make My Organization Understand the Importance of User Testing

<p>Several arguments to support the value of user testing and why your organization can’t afford to ignore it.</p>

Expert eye tracking tips

<p>How to avoid the pitfalls of eye tracking research and other useful advice to help your work.</p>

How to make your TV ads more effective

<p>New eye tracking research lifts the lid on true audience engagement with television commercials and reveals key tactics to get your message across.</p>

Eye tracking study recruitment – managing participants with vision irregularities

<p>Considerations for test participants with vision irregularities and how it can impact your results.</p>

Customer Spotlight: How Eye Tracking Helps Avanza Create a Seamless User Experience

<p>Take the guesswork out of UX and optimize your products and services.</p>

VR 아이트래킹의 가치를 극대화하기 위한 5가지 팁

<p><strong>연구 프로젝트에 가장 적합한 VR 환경을 만드는 방법</strong></p>

Wearing a helmet and eye tracking glasses? No problem.

<p>토비의 시선추적은 헬멧 착용이 필요한 스포츠 및 작업에도 사용할 수 있습니다.</p>

Tobii Pro Glasses 2 usage overview

<p>Learn the basics of how to prepare Tobii Pro Glasses 2 for usage and how to use them in a study.</p>

Reporting Eye Tracking Results - Commercial reports

<p>Get a few tips on how to write up and present the findings from your eye tracking study.</p>

Setting up and using scenes and segments in Tobii Pro Studio

<p>Learn more about what you can do with scenes and segments in Tobii Pro Studio and what the main differences are between the two.</p>

Digging Into Areas of Interest

<p>Learn more and get some tips on how to use the Area of Interest tool in Tobii Pro Studio and Tobii Pro Lab.</p>

Setting up and installing the Tobii Pro TX300 eye tracker

<p>Learn how to set up and install the Tobii Pro TX300 eye tracker.</p>

Exporting videos of recording made with Tobii Pro Glasses 2

<p>Learn how to export videos and video clips from recording made with Tobii Pro Glasses 2</p>

Replaying a recording made with Tobii Pro Glasses 2

<p>Learn how you can replay a recording made with Tobii Pro Glasses 2.</p>

Installing Tobii Glasses Controller

<p>Learn how to install the Tobii Glasses Controller software.</p>

Connecting Tobii Pro Glasses 2 to Pro Glasses Controller on your computer

<p>Learn how to connect your Tobii Pro Glasses 2 to the Pro Glasses Controller software on your computer.</p>

Implementing a task, trial and stimulus in Tobii Pro Lab

<p><span style="display: inline !important; float: none; background-color: #ffffff; color: #231f20; cursor: text; font-family: 'Akzidenz-Grotesk','Helvetica',Arial,Meiryo,sans-serif; font-size: 16px; font-style: normal; font-variant: normal; font-weight: 400; letter-spacing: normal; orphans: 2; text-align: left; text-decoration: none; text-indent: 0px; text-transform: none; -webkit-text-stroke-width: 0px; white-space: normal; word-spacing: 0px;">Learn how to implement different experimental design components in Tobii Pro Lab&nbsp;</span></p>

Installing Tobii Studio

<p>Learn how to install and activate Tobii Pro Studio on your computer.</p>

Setting up and installing Tobii Pro X2-30 and X2-60 eye trackers

<p>Learn how to setup and install your Tobii Pro X2-30 or Tobii Pro X2-60 eye tracker.&nbsp;</p>

Configuring Tobii Pro Lab and Tobii Pro Studio for the mobile device stand

<p><span>Learn how to configure and setup Tobii Pro Lab or Tobii Pro Studio correctly for the Tobii Pro Mobile Device Stand.&nbsp;</span></p>

Writing up your eye tracking results - research paper

<p><span>Get a few tips on how to write up and present the findings from your eye tracking study.</span></p>

Setting up and installing the Tobii Pro Spectrum eye tracker

<p>Learn how to set up and install the Tobii Pro Spectrum eye tracker.</p>

Calculating and exporting eye tracking metrics in Tobii Pro Lab

<p>Learn how to calculate and export AOI and event based metrics in Pro Lab</p>

Between- and within-subject experimental designs in Pro Lab

<p>Learn how to implement your participant design in Pro Lab</p>

아이트래커 타이밍 성능

<p>이 페이지에서는 아이트래커의 타이밍 성능에 영향을 주는 다양한 구성요소와 공정에 관해 설명합니다.&nbsp;</p>

Why do our eyes move?

<p>The aim of this page is to give a brief introduction to the human visual system, and to briefly explain why we move our eyes and it's relevance to eye tracking.&nbsp;</p>

Types of eye movements

<p>The aim of this page is top give a brief description of the different main types of eye movements and their function.&nbsp;</p>

What is visual attention?

<p>The aim of this page is to briefly describe what is visual attention and how does it operate.&nbsp;</p>

How fast is human perception?

<p>How long does it take us to be aware of what we see?&nbsp;</p>

Tobii Pro 아이트래커의 원리

<p>이 세션에서는 아이트래커의 원리에 관해서 설명하겠습니다.</p>

캘리브레이션의 원리

<p>이 페이지에서는 캘리브레이션에 관해 설명합니다.</p>

동공 직경 계측과 아이트래커

<p>Tobii Pro 아이트래커 알고리즘은 동공의 위치뿐만 아니라 동공 직경도 산출합니다.</p>

눈 깜빡임의 영향

<p>눈 깜빡임은 대부분의 경우 눈꺼풀을 닫고 여는 불수의운동(不隨意<b>運動</b>)입니다. 이 페이지에서는 아이트래킹 데이터상의 눈 깜빡임에 관해서 설명하겠습니다.</p>

머리 움직임에 의한 영향

<p>계측 중의 머리의 움직임은 시선 검출의 정확도에 영향을 끼치는 요인 중 하나입니다. 이 페이지에서는 Tobii Pro 아이트래커의 머리 움직임에 영향을 받지 않는 동공 검출 능력에 관해서 설명하겠습니다.</p>

How you can predict advertising success

<p>Measure and manage noticeability, engagement, and emotional impact with eye tracking</p>

운전자를 위한 시선추적

<p>편안하고 안전한 운전을 위한 시선추적 사용법</p>

Eye tracking and UX testing

<p>This blog post explores some methods of best practice for running UX tests, and how you can apply eye tracking for even better results.</p>

Understanding autism with eye tracking

<p>It's amazing what you can achieve with a little passion and determination, as one great young mind has discovered in the land down under.</p>

How eye tracking can inform discipline based educational research

<p>Dr. Jessica VandenPlas explores how eye tracking research is helping to provide a better understanding of how students learn chemistry concepts and improve methods of education.</p>

How the HTC VIVE Pro Eye helps shape the future of VR and eye tracking

<p>What the advent of eye tracking in commercially available VR headsets means for business.</p>

시선 추적을 통한 안전성 향상

<p>작업 환경의 위험 요소를 파악하고, 작업자의 상황인식 능력을 향상합니다.</p>

스포츠에서의 시선추적 : 월드컵에서 좋은 성적을 내는 방법

<p>첨단 기술은 계속해서 승자와 패자의 차이을 줄이고 있습니다. 시선추적을 이용하면 선수들이 보고 있는 것을 코치와 트레이너도 볼 수 있습니다.</p>

‘다름’은 ‘틀림’이 아닙니다: 시선추적은 자폐아들의 특별한 강점을 보여줍니다.

<p>시선추적은 자폐아들의 특별한 강점을 보여줍니다</p>

Industry 4.0으로의 전환을 위한 도구

<p><span>시선 추적을&nbsp;</span><span>통해</span><span lang="EN-US"> 4</span><span>차&nbsp;</span><span>산업혁명에&nbsp;</span><span>적응하는&nbsp;</span><span>방법</span></p>

시선추적으로 스포츠 경기의 광고 효과를 평가하는 방법

<p>경기장의 광고물이 시선을 얼마나 끌고 있을까요?</p>

과학으로 예술을 이해하는 방법

<p>창의성은 생명의 신비 중 하나입니다. 우리는 창의적인 예술 작품을 보면서 감탄하기도 하고, 때로는 어리둥절하기도 합니다. 하지만 시선추적 기술은 그 비밀을 파헤치는 것에 도움이 될 수 있습니다.</p>

시선추적(eye tracking)이란 무엇인가요?

<p>시선추적을 통해 사람들의 마음에 대해 탁월한 인사이트를 얻어보세요.</p>

The secret to an engaging car showroom

<p><span>토비</span><span>프로</span><span>인사이트</span><span lang="EN-US">(Tobii Pro Insight)</span><span>는&nbsp;</span><span>도요타와&nbsp;</span><span>협력하여&nbsp;</span><span>전시장의&nbsp;</span><span>구성물과&nbsp;</span><span>배치가&nbsp;</span><span>구매자에게&nbsp;</span><span>어떤&nbsp;</span><span>영향을&nbsp;</span><span>미치는지&nbsp;</span><span>조사하였습니다</span><span lang="EN-US">.</span></p>

Tobii Pro Glass와 함께하는 소개팅

<p>시선추적을 통해 데이트에서의 그린라이트를 발견하는 방법</p>

아이트래킹으로 음악 연주 스킬에 대한 인사이트를 얻는 방법

<p><span lang="KO">프로</span><span lang="KO">연주자의&nbsp;</span><span lang="KO">몸과&nbsp;</span><span lang="KO">마음이&nbsp;</span><span lang="KO">어떻게&nbsp;</span><span lang="KO">조화를&nbsp;</span><span lang="KO">이뤄&nbsp;</span><span lang="KO">완벽한&nbsp;</span><span lang="KO">연주를&nbsp;</span><span lang="KO">하는지&nbsp;</span><span lang="KO">궁금했던&nbsp;</span><span lang="KO">적이&nbsp;</span><span lang="KO">있습니까</span><span>? 아이트래킹</span><span lang="KO">을&nbsp;</span><span lang="KO">이용해보세요</span><span>.</span></p>

F1 드라이버의 우승 비결은? 시선추적이 그 해답을 알려줍니다.

<p>니코 휴켄버그(Nico H&uuml;lkenberg) 선수는 F1 선수 중에는 첫번째로 시선추적장치를 착용하고 F1카를 운전하여 시선추적 연구에 참여하였습니다. Tobii Pro Glasses 2는 F1 선수가 실제로 바라보는 것들에 대한 의미있는 인사이트를 가져다 주었습니다.</p>

What can Pro Lab Galvanic Skin Response metrics tell us?

<p>Learn how to interpret the galvanic skin response measures provided by Tobii Pro Lab.</p>

아이트래커 샘플링 레이트

<p>이 페이지에서는 아이트래커의 샘플링 레이트가 데이터에 끼치는 영향에 관해 설명하겠습니다.</p>

The Human Eye

<p>The aim of this page is to give a brief introduction to the human visual system, and to briefly explain how light is transformed into a visual percept.&nbsp;</p>

명동공법 및 암동공법을 통한 동공 검출

<p>이 페이지에서는 명동공법과 암동공법에 의한 동공 검출의 원리에 관해 설명합니다.</p>

정확도(Accuracy)와 정밀도(Precision)

<p>정확도와 정밀도는 아이트래커의 기능과 취득한 데이터의 품질을 판단하는데 중요한 개념입니다.</p>

Event and behavioral coding

<p>Learn how to code behavior and events in Tobii Pro Studio and Tobii Pro Lab.</p>

Installing Tobii Pro X3-120

<p>Learn how to setup and install your Tobii Pro X3-120 eye tracker.&nbsp;</p>

Tobii Pro Studio walkthrough and main features

<p>Watch the video to learn the main features of Tobii Pro Studio and get a walkthrough of the entire workflow of the software.</p>

Configuring the eye tracker with a "non-standard screen" or physical scene

<p>Learn how to configure your eye tracker with a "non-standard" screen or physical display area.&nbsp;</p>

How to position the participant and the eye tracker

<p>Learn how to best&nbsp;position the participant and the eye tracker in a study involving a screen based eye tracker from Tobii Pro.</p>

Combining think aloud methods and eye tracking

<p>Learn about different think aloud methods suitable for usability testing and how these methods can be combined with eye tracking.</p>

Installing and using the external processing unit for Tobii Pro X3-120

<p>Learn how to installing and use the external processing unit for Tobii Pro X3-120.</p>

Working with Heat Maps and Gaze Plots

<p>Learn what gaze plots and heat maps are and get a few presentation tips for how to use them to present the results in a packaging and web study.</p>

Working with dynamic stimuli in the AOI tool

<p>Learn more about and get some tips on how to work with AOIs on moving stimuli like movies or animations in Tobii Pro Lab and Tobii Pro Studio.</p>

Independent Variables and Participant Groups

<p>Learn more about how to define independent variables and create participant groups for filtering data in Tobii Pro Lab and Tobii Pro Studio.</p>

Recording with Tobii Pro Glasses 2

<p>Learn how to perform a recording with the Pro Glasses 2 wearable eye tracker.</p>

What does eye tracking data tell us?

<p>Eye tracking analysis is based on the important assumption that there is a relationship between fixations, our gaze and what we are thinking about. However, there are a few factors that need to be considered for this assumption to be true which will be discussed in this section.&nbsp;</p>

Recording participants with the Mobile Device Stand

<p>Learn how to make a recording with the Mobile Device Stand using Tobii Pro Lab or Tobii Pro Studio.</p>

Configuring the Tobii Pro X2 or X3 eye tracker for the Tobii Mobile Device Stand

<p>Learn how to configure your Tobii Pro X2-30, X2-60 or X3-120 Eye Tracker correctly for the Mobile Device Stand.</p>

Designing a usability test of applications and web sites on mobile device or tablets

<p>Learn more about how to conduct usability studies with eye tracking on mobile devices, smart phones and tablets.</p>

Assembling the Tobii Mobile Device Stand

<p>Learn how to assemble all the components of the Mobile Device Stand correctly.&nbsp;</p>

Analyzing recordings made with the Mobile Device Stand

<p>Learn how to analyze eye tracking data and videos of mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones collected with Tobii Pro Lab or Tobii Pro Studio and the Tobii Pro Mobile Device Stand.</p>

Installing and activating Tobii Pro Lab

<p>Learn how to install and activate Tobii Pro Lab on your computer.</p>

Advice on how to set up your eye tracking system in time-critical experiments

<p>Learn how to optimize your eye tracking setup for time critical experiments</p>

Configuring Pro lab to record eye movements on physical scenes and objects

<p>The Scene Camera Projects allows Pro Lab to support studies where subjects observe or interact with stationary physical scenes or objects. These types of study provide a stronger immersion experience to the subjects and improve the ecological validity of the findings, than studies that use a 2D stimulus presentation on a screen (Tonkin et al. 2011 – use of physical shelves vs. images of shelfs in packaging design studies; and Woods et al. 2010 – investigating infant object representation with 3D physical stimuli). On the other hand, the setup is more complex than a standard screen based study, as it requires extra configuration steps with the eye tracker and the inclusion and configuration of an external scene camera to record the scenes and objects.</p> <p>The table below summarizes a few of the factors you need to consider before deciding to use a scene camera setup.</p> <table border="0"> <tbody> <tr> <td>&nbsp;</td> <td>Screen based image or video - 2D</td> <td>Scene camera with physical scene - 3D</td> <td>Glasses with physical scene - 3D</td> </tr> <tr> <td>Setup process</td> <td>automatic (with native or supported screen sizes)</td> <td>manual</td> <td>automatic</td> </tr> <tr> <td>Accuracy</td> <td>higher</td> <td>lower</td> <td>higher</td> </tr> <tr> <td>Precision</td> <td>depends on tracker</td> <td>depends on tracker</td> <td>high</td> </tr> <tr> <td>% of population that can be tracked</td> <td>higher</td> <td>higher</td> <td>lower (does not fit on small infants heads)</td> </tr> <tr> <td>Ecological validity &amp; immersion</td> <td>lower</td> <td>higher</td> <td>higher</td> </tr> </tbody> </table>
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