Tobii Pro Glasses 2 experience by HandyGames

HandyGames, one of the leading international game developers and publishers, has used eye tracking in testing of their games. For game designers, Tobii Pro Glasses 2 adds immense value by making it possible to plan and perform research during the versatile development process.

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Both participants and researchers were highly impressed with the very smooth and fast calibration process which allowed the research team to start testing in nearly any environment in a matter of minutes.

The test leader doing a very quick and smooth calibration with Tobii Pro Glasses 2.

A Windows 8 tablet with the Live View function was used to observe participants in a familiar and casual environment, like sitting relaxed on a couch, playtesting games on smartphones, tablets, and TV's.

The test leader following the game in real time through the LiveView function.
A user testing a game wearing Tobii Pro Glasses 2 eye tracker.

For game developers, Pro Glasses 2 adds immense value because they make it possible to plan and perform research during a versatile development process. This allows researchers to have faster user feedback of game play mechanics, game flows, or user interface. The company foresees that eye tracking will be a standard method used by modern quality assurance teams in the future. This technology will improve the overall quality of games and entertainment products while allowing for competitive analysis of successful game mechanics and monetization trends.

“We see Tobii Pro Glasses 2 and its modern eye tracking technology as a future standard in modern QA teams to improve the overall quality of game experiences.”

Markus Kassulke, CEO, HandyGames