Consumer Journey

Our attention research allows you to measure customers' authentic behavior in real-world shopping environments – ­and on every step of their journey. Eye tracking reveals insights about what drives decision-making and behavior during the shopping experience. 


Tobii Pro Insight helps you evaluate the visual impact and brand identification of your current or proposed product package designs, and determine ways to capture more attention than competitors on the shelf.


Wearable eye tracking enables you to both measure success and record possible obstacles to engagement with your in-store communication – and helps you detect ways to attract and hold attention.


Our studies provide objective data on shoppers’ visual journey through your store. The analysis illuminates opportunities for you to enhance engagement and build a retail store that increases the average basket size.


Tobii Pro Insight analyzes the visual attention that drives peoples’ behavior when making transactions and interacting with your website, app or software to help you assess effectiveness and determine best onscreen practice.


Determine optimal store and window displays, and shelf elements to boost foot traffic and dramatically increase your conversion rate.

Shopper research in grocery store and convenience store environments

In order to successfully plan everything from store layout to display and in-store communication, businesses must understand the shopper’s journey and path to purchase. Watch this video to learn more. 

“We use eye tracking because it brings insights you may never have thought about.”

Jeroen van der Kallen, Customer Insight and Innovation Manager Europe, Unilever

“In a recent landmark study on the convenience channel, we got more mileage out of our Tobii learnings than from any other partner.”

Ben Cline, Manager, Strategic Shopper Insights at Anheuser-Busch

“Their dedication and expertise are evident in all aspects of their work. They provided incisive and actionable insights for us to leverage both in the short and long term.”

Kavita Appachu, Senior Manager UX Insights, Kelley Blue Book


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